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Wood Rimmed Glasses

  We design and manufacture fashionable glasses with a precision crafted wooden frames and high quality glass lens. Your glasses will be "one of a kind" because the wood used in manufacturing cannot be exactly duplicated due to color stain and finished texture. Each pair of these unique glasses comes with a fashionable case.


  If you like a particular model in our Glasses Catalogue, then we can have it manufactured for you. Of course, in advance, we will consult with you on all technical details such as the rim size, type and color of glass and wood to be used. By the way, there are several kinds of woods available. For more information, please feel free to contact us.
  Unique articles presented in the Museum section demonstrate wood as an actual constructive material on one hand and our conceptual tendencies on the other hand. Mobile phones in wooden bodies, wooden case, sandals and others for the present exist in a single copy
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Wood rimmed glasses by Anton Saltanov
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